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December Newsletter

This Newsletter Has 2 Columns.
Here's a template for newsletters that have lots and lots of content and links. It's mostly composed of quick "blurbs" of copy that link back to your website for the full article. You also have a sidebar that lets you place links back to your website, or maybe you can list some events.
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Some Guidelines
You should usually keep your emails small enough to fit inside the preview pane of major email applications. People won't always view your email in full screen mode. Roughly 530 pixels is about how wide AOL 9 opens its email when in "full view" mode. This template is about 650 pixels. It's kinda big, but the important stuff is on the left, so we're cool.
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Web Designer?
If you're a web designer, you're probably wondering why we didn't use that much CSS. At least some friggin' DIVs, right? Well, most of that stuff just won't work with HTML email. All the different email applications out there display email in their own way, so we can't quite trust CSS just yet (especially for positioning). With HTML email, it's back to old fashioned tables (even embedded ones!) and shim.gifs.
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Use Merge Tags to Personalize Your Emails
You'll want to experiment with MailChimp's Merge Tags. They let you dynamically "merge" fields from your database into your messages. You know, like "Hello *|FNAME|* " and stuff like that. You can get really crazy with them, and use them to merge account numbers, entire blocks of text, or even images and HTML code.
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